Tenant Induction – Responsibility – Payments

Welcome to our first post in the “Tenant Induction” posts series. In this post we will go through the items of interest as far as the tenant responsibility is concerned. Note that this is not a complete or definitive list. Refer to your tenancy agreement and the Tenancy Services website (https://www.tenancy.govt.nz) for further information or details.

Rent Payment
Rent payment is to be made in advance (before the day of the week on which your tenancy started) every week, fortnight, or as per the corresponding frequency detailed within your current tenancy agreement. Withholding rent payment for any reason is considered to be a breach of the tenancy agreement.

Bill Payment
Bills, such as water bill, are to be paid in accordance to the instructions and deadline specified within the bill notification (usually via email).

Process Improvement – Tenancy Application

Due to the vast number of requests from our tenants and potential tenants we are now in the process of moving to an online based tenancy application form. This will be the final piece within the tenancy application process in terms of eliminating paper based processes. Thanks to every one who provided feedback and recommendations in this regard. Please do continue to provide your feedback and guidance as this helps us with putting in place improvements that provide value to you.